–– On the 5th of September 2020

Run the Faroe Islands’ Most Beautiful Half Marathon

Covid-19 update:


Given the changes in the covid19 statistics we have decided to change #FVHM to a virtual event: #MíttVakrasta2020, where we walk and/or run our favourite local route. 

There are currently about 500 participants signed up to the run. These will receive further information about whether they wish to transfer their registration to 2021 or a refund, where you can collect the G&G top if you have bought one of those, and a new link to register for the virtual event: #MíttVakrasta2020, it will still be possible to donate to CancerReserach, Faroe Islands as usual. 

We hope for lots of participants and look forward to seeing photos of your favourite local half marathon.

The route begins in the picturesque village of Gásadalur and boasts of views of Mykines, Tindhólm, Bø, Trælanípa, Koltur and Trøllkonufingur. The route takes you through all the villages on the island along the waterfront pass Vagar Airport, along the lake, by locals named Sørvágsvatn or Leitisvatn depending on which village you are from, the finishing line is by the historic church of Sandavágur.

Run or Walk

The choice is yours

You can choose to walk the route and by doing so, support the Faroese Cancer Association. After the run participants gather for a meal with Hiddenfjord salmon and homemade cakes with tea or coffee.

Instead of a synthetic running-top, we have chosen to co-operate with fashion designers Guðrun & Guðrun and created a eco wool running-top for purchase – limited edition.

This run was first held in 2014, and has grown in popularity amongst local runners as well as visitors. Up to a total of 1000 runners and walkers have participated in the run at the same time.

We, the local running club, organise the run, and is held every year, the first Saturday of September.

During these corona times, please keep yourself updated regarding guidelines and travel to the Faroe Islands on the official website corona.fo.

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